Sam-tech Engineering is linked with 2 Championships Titles: FIA-GT3 with a Ferrari 430 GT3 and FIA-GT Citation Cup with a MAserati MC12.

Henri Moser and Gilles Vannelet have secured in Dubai their FIA-GT3 Championship victory after a dramatic race, which decided who would be the 2007 Champions in the last 5 minutes of the 10th race of the racing season.

The Ferrari 430 GT3 was developped during the 2007 winter by Kessel Racing and JMB Racing, with the involvment of Hugues Lardy from Sam-tech Engineering.
Sam-tech took part in the initial design and testings, as well as in the homologation procedure. Hugues Lardy was also involved as a race engineer for one of the JMB Racing entered car with a race victory in the Bucharest event.

Ben Aucott was delighted to clinch the Citation Cup award after a superb racing season at the wheel of a JMB Racing entered MAserati MC12. The car was engineered by Hugues Lardy who could bring his previous experience to Ben as he was already engineering this car in 2005 when Karl Wendlinger and Andrea Bertolini were fighting for the FIA-GT Championship.
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