Winter was not really a holiday period as Sam-tech was involved in various projects:
- Design and development of the new Ferrari 430-GT3 that was build with a partnership between Kessel Racing from Switzerland and JMB Racing from Monaco.
- Consultancy with ASO, the Dakar promoter in order to establish the technical rules for the 2008 Dakar and more generally to help them define what could be a cross-country vehicle in the future
- Test the new Courage LMP1 car, with its new engine-gearbox-tyres combination

Hugues Lardy will this season be involved as a race & development engineer for JMB Racing in the FIA-GT3 Championship and the the FIA-GT1-Citation Cup for gentlemen drivers, as well as for the factory Courage Competition team in the Le Mans Series and the famous Le Mans 24 Hours.

The racing season started quite well for the Ferrari GT3 as they won 3 out 4 races of the FIA-GT3 European Championship (2 for Kessel Racing in Silverstone, 1 for JMB Racing in Bucharest). After four races, the first 4 drivers of the series compete at the wheel of a Ferrari 430-GT3.

The preparation of the world major endurance race, took the team to Monza and Valencia, the first 2 events of the 2007 Le Mans Series before going the Le Mans Preliminary test on June 3rd and to the Le Mans 24 Hours on June 16th-17th. Courage will be entering their Courage LC70-AER with racing numbers 12 & 13.
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