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Having been involved in motorsport since 1988, Hugues Lardy has accumulated a huge amount of experience in engineering racing and rally cars.

Having worked with manufacturers such as Audi, Maserati, Renault, as well as with some private teams, it is then easy for Hugues Lardy to fit in smoothly to any type of organisation. Working with different teams also means always learning and improving his own capabilities, which is a benefit for every partner.

A working relationship can be established on a season basis, or for a single event depending on the team requirements.
Due to the variety of experience in motorsport engineering, team management, working with car manufacturers or private teams, and the relationships built over the years with all motorsport actors, Sam-tech and Hugues Lardy can advise and help companies on any motorsport related project. One of the key to success is time saving and be able to reach the right person. It all comes down to experience and relationship.

Contrary to many of his colleagues, Hugues Lardy has had a chance to also work as a Team-Manager, in addition to his technical duties.

He lead the ROC-Audi Sport team with its 35 on-track members and the 4-cars entry in the German Touring Car Championship.

More recently, Hugues Lardy was Team-Manager for the 4-cars entry of SMG Challenge in 2005 Dakar Rally.

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