Hugues Lardy is a travelling designer with his high performing portable workstation and Pro-Engineer Wildfire software. This allows him to start designing at the client’s factory and then finalise it in Sam-tech’s offices.
Bespoke design
Sam-tech’s prestation ranges from designing a single component and managing the complete process from design to manufacture, accordingly to the customer’s own requirements and specifications.
Sam-tech is a design and engineering consultancy with huge experience within the automotive and motor sport industries as well as expertise in the complexities of leading edge carbon composite technology.

By using PTC’s latest CAD software Pro-Engineer, design is not only quicker but within minutes a customer can visualise the design that is performed, even thousands of kilometers away.

In order to achieve any customer’s goals, Sam-tech is working in close relationship with highly skilled partners, in CAD Design, 3-dimensional measures and CNC-machining.

This is the only way to offer the required expertise in the minimum time available. This network is the fruit of many years of close partnership with sub-contractors, whose aim is the same as ours.

Sam-Tech - Tél./Fax : +33.450.35.91.63 - GSM : +33.671.63.39.09 - E-Mail : hlardy@sam-tech.net